Performances & Dress Rehearsal Information

BDC Performances:
Spring Performances 2020 ​​
Saturday, June 6th 
10:00AM, 2:00PM
& 6:00PM

Ingram Hall at Blair School of Music on Vanderbilt University Campus

2400 Blakemore Avenue

Nashville TN 37212


Parking: West Garage on 2500 Children's Way, parking is free weekdays after 4pm and on Weekends


Directions to Ingram Hall


  • Turn LEFT onto OLD HICKORY BLVD/TN-251.

  • Merge onto I-40 E toward NASHVILLE.

  • Merge onto I-440 E via EXIT 206 toward KNOXVILLE.

  • Take the MURPHY RD exit, EXIT 1, toward US-70S E/WEST END AVE.

  • Turn LEFT onto MURPHY RD.•  Turn LEFT onto WEST END AVE/US-70S/TN-1.

  • Turn RIGHT onto 31ST AVE S.•  31ST AVE S becomes BLAKEMORE AVE.

  • Turn LEFT on 25th AVE S.• Turn RIGHT on Children's Way

  • Arrive in 2400 Blakemore Ave, Nashville, TN 37212-3406


General Information
  • Doors will open 30 minutes before each show.

  • Absolutely NO video allowed.  We will have a professional videographer taping the shows.  You will be able to purchase a DVD of the performance.

  • No parents allowed backstage during the show.  If you would like to volunteer to help with your child’s class please see Miss Lauri or sign up on the board in the lobby.

  • All children must remain backstage during the entire show. NO exceptions.

  • Bellevue Florist will be in the lobby selling flowers.

  • Tickets will be for sale online. Children that are small enough to sit on a lap do not need a ticket.  All ticket sales are final and will be reserved seating. All family accounts must be paid in full before tickets can be purchased. Children that are small enough to sit on a lap do not need a ticket. All tickets purchased on-line are $12-$15. Tickets sold at the door are $15.

  • When you arrive please take your dancers backstage to the dressing room. They will remain there the entire show and can be picked up immediately following the close of the show.


Recital Apparel
  • All classes will wear their class room dance attire to the show.

  • Please see teacher or information posted in the lobby for specific shoe requirements for each class.

  • All dancers must have their hair pulled back in a bun, except boys.

  • A little makeup ( lipstick, blush, mascara) is good so the dancers aren’t washed out under the lights.

  • Please make sure that tights are clean and free of any runs or stains.


Recital Rules
  •  Have fun and enjoy this special day!

  • Please arrive no later than 30 minutes before your show time and bring your dancer to the dressing room backstage. The dancers will stay back stage through the entire show. For safety and security, no children will be allowed to leave during the performance.

  • No parents allowed backstage during the show.

  • Absolutely no videotaping or photography will be allowed during the show. You may purchase a DVD produced by a professional videographer.  DVD’s will be sold and have all 3 performances included.

  • At the end of the show, one parent will need to come backstage and pick up your child.

  • Please turn off all cell phones and pagers as the noise can be quite a distraction.

  • Please do not leave the auditorium during the performance unless there is an emergency.

BDC Dress Rehearsal:

Thursday, June 4th 4pm-9pm


Friday, June 5th 4pm-9pm

Blair School of Music

2400 Blakemore Ave

Nashville, TN 37212

Classes that do NOT have dress rehearsals:


  • Combo 3-4

  • Combo 4-5

  • Combo 5-7

  • Combo 6-8

  • Combo 7-9

  • Hippity Hop



  • June 4th and 5th 4pm-9pm at Ingram Hall- Vanderbilt University Campus

  • This dress rehearsal is closed. No one will be allowed in the auditorium during the rehearsal without permission from Miss Lauri.

  • Children should arrive dressed and ready to go at the time assigned.  Ingram Hall requests no changing in the lobby bathrooms.

  • Parents will be asked to wait out in the lobby while their child is onstage. The children will be walked to the lobby to meet their parents as soon as they are done.

  • Please arrive on time. We have precious little time to get all the children through their routines. Arriving late could result in your child missing their practice.

  • The children may leave as soon as they are through with their routine. No food or drink backstage during rehearsal.

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